Welcome to JTCHworld

This is my world and it can be yours if you wanna read reviews of everything worth reviewing and my personal novels which always will be free for anyone interesting as long they not pretend it is their own. I will also add my personal diary here which only certain people are allowed to read so if you falls over a post with password and you do not have it then you are not meant to enter it. I hope you can respect my few rules and still enjoy my World.

Weekly Schedule: 
Monday is latest news day about this weeks posts
Tuesday is review day where I will switch between Apps & Services, Movies and Books
Friday is “Beyond Love Existence” day where I bring new from my novel
Daily is “Day X” day which is my diary full of my personal things for those invited


Jesper Christiansen aka JTCH

P.s I will try my best to post as planned but conflicts can happen if I will return the soonest