Welcome to JTCHworld

This is my world.

This place used to be filled with reviews about anything from books and movies, to apps and software as long I could get my hands on it. They are still here, but they have now been moved under “review” page as I wanted to focus 100% on my novels now and I will start with a series named Beyond Love Existence which is planned to be 6 books all for free as long you remember I created it.  It has been a long journey already, but now I am ready to write the story. You can read about locations, characters and even see the future covers under Novels –> Beyond Love Existence series –> name on book part you want to read about in the menu bar where I also upload the chapters or books every time they are done. Under novels you can also see and read my other ideas which I have but for now I will focus on Beyond Love Existence. I am trying to spread out my stories anywhere, so follow me anywhere you like.

I will use my website as my personal diary too so if there is a post you cannot read because of password please do not try to get in.

See you around

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