02-28 massacre


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02/28 massacre


The story is about love between an original Taiwanese girl and a Chinese guy from the mainland China who expiries the 02/28 massacre and the girl from Taiwan is getting jail because of that even she not was part of it, just being at the place at a wrong time and because she is in love with the guy she is tortured and getting in a working camp where she try to survive while the friends around her dies. She survives because the guy gets the job as guard in her champ as he has hidden the information about their love. They escapes to Pescadores and have their own family there until the Chinese army finds out where they are but they manage to live in secret at old lady house coz she feels sorry for them and one day they hear in the news that people who was killing or have been jailed because of 02-28 massacre is now free to live coz they was innocent and that the soldiers, their commanders and Kuomintang is getting charged for their actions against the many people who was innocent. They move back to Taipei in the house she lived in before and the last is that their daughter is calling her parents and tell them to meet up near the Presidential Office with ”The 228 Monument” because she has a surprise. They leave their home and going to the place where their daughter is standing with something in hands. They walk over to her and as what it is, she give them a present which is a book named “the events of 2/28 massacre” by the daughter and they gives the daughter a big hug while the mother and father is crying of happiness because story is finally getting out to the world.


  • There is an holiday for 228 massacre

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