Book review The Winter King (spoilers)


Name of book: The Winter King
Release year: 1995
Writer: Bernard Cornwell
Known from: The Saxon Stories, The Grail Quest novels
Content: The story is another take on the Excalibur and King Arthur story which is good and it tells the story about how Arthur is going to protect his family even he is the heir to the thrown but instead is turning into a warlord. Guess that is what I can say without ruining too much.
Length (Pages according to Wikipedia): 434pages
Sequels or prequels: Enemy of God, Excalibur: A Novel of Arthur
Genre: Historical novel
Review: I love stories about King Arthur as he is my favorite history person together with Robin Hood. Of cause, I like Chinese history too but I did not know that as young kid. I like the story a lot as it gives a new way of watching him.
Stars: 7 out of 6 stars
Rereadability: yes for sure