Welcome back

Hello dear followers

I am sorry for the many start overs I have made over the past months but now I have finally found the right way to go and at this moment I have just finished cleaning up the last old review so they are ready for publishing now. Before I go ahead and publish them I just want to say as they are old so they might have problems that the owners have fixed plus some of the reviews might be weird like things are repeated a few times but wanted them out instead of focusing on mistakes. That brings me to the other news, I am returning with reviews so now you will get either a movie, book or software review every Wednesday while I also will do my best to give you novel every day, might be relaxing tomorrow after all the review post today, but after that then I will give you all I can and cannot wait to share with you.

Thanks to those who follows me and thanks for those who gave me support and cannot wait to get started again.