Service review IFTTT


Name of service: IFTTT
Apps: iOS, Andriod
Use: A free way to make your apps work together
Creator: IFTTT
Known from: IF, Do button, Do camera, Do notes
Review: The service as I will call it is a service that connects your other software and apps together in a way so they all work together fx you can have pocket connected to Todoist which means for me that every time I add something to pocket I will add a todo in my Todoist and that way I do not forget that I have something to read in there and that is the main point of this service. I know it might sound unnecessary but when you find the connection to most of your apps you will love it I am sure. The app that they have made is simple, easy and good at what the website do.
– free
– make your apps work together
– simple but powerful
– no sorting