Back and full speed ahead

Hello dear followers

Today I am back with reviews and novel stuff. I have decided to change the days and from now on, I will give you reviews every Monday which today will be PopClip for mac which might not be the biggest app or the most crazy app there is but I have started to use it very much after I got a new mac. I will review apps & services, movies and books Another day on my schedule is Thursday which will be the day where I give you “Beyond Love Existence” news while I am trying to get the idea down on paper and I think I will have Characters ready for you this week unless some major event happens. Friday is also a new day and this day will be used on giving you “The Diary” news which is a new novel that I have gotten the idea for which is a mix of some of my older ideas and I guess it could be nice to do two novels at once. To make sure that you can see which is which the posts will have BLE for Beyond Love Existence and TD for The Diary plus the tags will include the full title. When I start writing the novels you will get about 400 words every day from one of the novels as I will them between each other unless I get very hugged on one of them. And last those who will are allowed will be able to read my own diary which will be known by “Day X”. I guess that was all news for the day and cannot wait to share you my novels and thoughts. This time I will finish them, one page at a time.