New plan for posts

Hello dear followers

I have just reviewed my post plan AGAIN which means that this is my weekly schedule:

Monday is novel update day meaning I will gives updates on how my progress with this week novel stuff or if something major news happen that I could not wait to give you

Tuesday will be my review day which is the day in the week were you will get my reviews

Thursday will be “The Diary” day where I will give you special things like “events” and so on. When I am starting writing the actually novel, it will also be the day where I give the past week novel part but this novel is like a diary so will upload you the days I have written in PDF so you can read them

Friday will be “Beyond Love Existence” day where I will do the same as “The Diary” except that I hope to be done a chapter in two weeks time so it will switch between update/news day like Monday and new chapter. But when it is update day it will only be about “Beyond Love Existence” but I am nowhere close to give you be finish giving you events, characters and so on, you will have some tomorrow already.

That is the schedule. If any wishes for reviews, feel free to mail me at my mail or for other things too.


P.s for those reading my personal diary then I have postponed the new start for Monday 24 of April