TD idea

Hello dear followers

Here is the first post for The Diary and what better place than a short version of what the story will be about. I know the version is short and that there are not many events in it but that will be next week as I got busy cleaning today instead of writing the short version but still gives a few hints.

Short Version
The story is taken place in the UK, near London, and our main character is named Vivian who is a young woman who has started this diary because she is getting married and wants to write down the events happening until then as she want to save it for her future children to read but slowly the world is becoming crazy and chaos because of unseen events that I have not decided yet but lets just say that the weeding is the smallest of the events happening that year and who knows maybe there is secrets in the story that you need to pay attention to catch and maybe you will be able to read the last page of the story

That was the story more or less. Next week I will hopefully have events and days ready for you.