News Update 02

Hello dear followers

Welcome to Monday number 2 of my updates where you will know my plans for this week and let us start with the review.

I am not going to say which movie I will review Tuesday but I will say so much that it is a sequel and quiet new.

On the novel front I will will try give you characters for ‘The Diary’ while ‘Beyond Love Existence’ will be getting part present which will give new adventures. About ‘Beyond Love Existence’ I just want to say that I have one more part for you next week too and then I will start making them into chapter parts which might add new events or stuff to the story or remove other as the idea is still growing in my head.

That was this week update.


P.s I am sorry for the weird twitter stuff that happens at the moment but I have asked the creators of Blogo if they have an idea for it.