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Sorry for the delay in present version of the story but Thursday I was busy with scouting meeting until late which I normally would not join. Friday was busy trying to fix my mom’s new internet and that have been giving problems Saturday too but fixed now so here is the latest part for you. Enjoy.

P.s I have found out how big a story this novel will be so have decided to pause my “The Diary” novel to make this even better.

P.s.s If you want to read them as PDF instead you can download them from my Downloads page.


Short Version Present

A young woman is standing in front of an old antic store which had been in the family for many years and now it was hers after her old grandfather had died and she was the young girl who was told the story 20 years ago. She remembered the story as it was yesterday but did not know what it meant for her. The only resemblance was that there share name. She was nervous about entering as it been a while since she last had been there but took a deep breath when she noticed that the door was already open so she ran in and noticed a big mess which made her call the cops which came and search the place for anything they could use and soon she was leave to clean up the mess up from thieves and as it turned evening she had gotten all on place and no one looked like it had been taken or anything. She notices that the post for the day is still there so she goes them though and notice a post note saying a package have appeared for her which she finds weird as she just got the store today but never mind, she takes the note and goes home as it is too late for the post office now. When she gets home, she does her evening things before suddenly a man appears in her room and tries to get the post note but her karate that her grandfather forced her to learn, make sense and she beats the man who escapes without the note which makes the woman call the cops again which comes and agrees to give her protection for the night. Next morning she goes to work like normal with only the post note to remember the day for. Work day goes fast as it gets evening she goes to the post office to get the package and gets a case which is quiet heavy but she manage it but decide to take the metro home. She cannot wait to find out what the heavy package is and opens it a bit to peak and to her major surprise it is an sword. The discovery makes her lose focus on the metro trip and when a man tries to get in contact with her, she just believes it is a ticket check but it is the man who is there to get the sword and they start fighting in the train which makes people run out of the train when they get to next station but instead 4 mafia men enters the train instead and they quickly over match the hero while the man looks at the package and take the sword out which makes him have major flashbacks telling him who he is in the story. He is the prince and he remember a time before he was part of the mafia and defeats the mafia men and runs away with hero even she does not believe him at first before he show a turtle tattoo on his skin which matches the one she has. They escape but of cause the mess have alerted the police and it gets to chase between motorbikes and police cars in the night. They crash and they are injured which makes the young man take a chance and leaves her while taking the sword. Hero wakes up at the police station where she is questioning by the police while she believes she have been betrayed by the young man and that it was all a setup to get the sword. It gets evening and she gets permission to sleep so she sleeps in a cell in the police station. She wakes up by heavy noise coming from the police station center and soon the young man together with an American cop is there with keys to get her out but at first she don’t believe him but when he tells when he keeps the sword, she does and they escape with the police after them again as the American need to make the others know that they escape. But this time the young man is ready so he have arranged with some old friends that they can hang out at them while they will try to escape. They gets to the place where the young man faints from all his injuries and hero takes care of him while studying the sword for clues and finds out that it has the symbol as then and start thinking back at the story her grandfather told and slowly makes the connections and on the same time the American police man also knows the connection as he has started looking up her past because it is weird that a young girl with no records is soon in a group with the most searched for in Taiwan and he notices that they have the same tattoo plus that the sword seems like it has a turtle too but the video is not the best which reminds him of something which makes him know that they are not evil but he wont tell his boss before he can confirm it. The mafia is also after the hero and young man and while the young man is healing. The young man wakes up and tells what he knows about himself and his connection to a story he did not know which the hero confirms as she knows now she is the hero and knows where they should go but they need to stay low while waiting for the police to stop the case. One day when they are divide they young man meets the American police officer who tells him what he thinks and it all makes up to the story so they agrees to get home to the friends and wait for hero to get home too but when they get to the friends place, they are attacked by the mafia and they managed to defend themselves but the friends dies in the progress and a bomb explosion ruins their search for hero and when they wakes up again they are both at the police station to get questioned but the young man gets the out by parenting to kill the police officer. They escapes and goes to the friends place and start searching for clues where they finds an unharmed phone which suddenly calls and they are told to bring the sword to the Ming dynasty and then they will get hero in return. The police officer decide to call in the trip as an holiday as he does not want the young man to be capture again. They go to the place where the mafia boss is waiting for them with hero who does not want them to give the sword. So it turns into a duel between hero and the mafia boss while the young man and police officer use their power to block the attacks from the other mafia members. The mafia boss get killed but first they get to know why the sword is so special which is because it have been in the family for so long and that they think there might be a treasure. They get to the tomb where the hero and prince was buried but nothing is there except for the real mafia boss who still wants the sword for it’s family values. The four of them is quickly starting a fight and the real mafia boss is quiet a handful and soon hero is down really injured and police office is blocked from attacking leaving the young man the only one able to attack which was a bad move from the mafia boss because the young man former job as hitman. They attack each other and of cause the young man wins as he has learned for the past where the young man got poisoned. As they win the local police force siege the screen and demands them to let the weapons down but the police officer makes them rescue hero who is still bleeding and all gone. The next day she wakes up at the hospital with the young man in the bed beside her, making her fear the worst but the police officer is there telling that they won the battle and that there are now alone with sword. She wants to kiss the young man as she have gotten a little crush on him doing the time they have been together but the police officer tells her that the reason his is in the bed is because they have the same blood type and is actually twins.