News Update 03

Hello dear followers

Here is this weeks update and it brings some major changes and some of them might be bad for some people while the biggest changes while the best I hope so let us start.

  1. I am no longer going to write on “The Diary” as I am going to hold a break from it
  2. I will still do reviews and “Beyond Love Existence”
  3. Might not publish book reviews

Guess that is the major bad things I have for you but here is what you will get in return

  1. I will focus on “Beyond Love Existence”
  2. You will get updates as normal and reviews too
  3. “Beyond Love Existence” will become a four part story with a few changes in the first parts I have already showed
  4. I hope this will make the novel even more crazy and interesting.
  5. The parts will now be called “Spring”, “Summer”, “Autumn” and, “Winter” but story won’t be only taking place over one year.

Guess that was all and cannot wait to give you “Autumn” Friday and will see what I wanna review tomorrow.