BLE Short Version Future One

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Here is the next part in my novel which is the second last one and I know there might be some who would say it is very short but I will add more to it later just I wanted you to have a post this week so you could see my idea so depending on how it is going then I will give you an upgrade of it next week or just the last part. Enjoy


#### Short Version

Future One

4 years later hero and the police officer have fallen in love and is about to get married but the police officer gets kidnapped on the way to the church. The young man in the car too but is hurt badly so he is fainting and wakes up at the hospital where the hero is and now he knows who he was working for 4 years ago on the day on train. It was their parents and soon a note appears telling them to bring the sword to the tombs where the action happened 4 years ago and they start training for it again but they got the feeling they are no match for their parents because of hitman’s injuries. They try getting help from the police officers who used to be colleges of the police man but finds out the hard way that they are really part of the mafia that the mom and father rules and they fights for their lives and is saved by an old man who helps them and then introduces himself as the grandfather who’ve just been under ground to let the parents out from their hiding to get the job done. Plus he could not protect the sword and be alive on the same time so he gave it to her and tried to keep hidden.
The reason the mother wants the sword is because the grandfather (her father) did not allow her to get it because of her husband who the grandfather (her father) believed was evil and rightly so, he was the son of the mafia boss. Plus it was not the time to use it. The mother and father got the twins as kids which the grandfather kidnapped to save the lifeline of the protectors of the sword. But the boy was recaptured and brainwashed by his parents which is why they only the hero was good at first. The parents wants the sword as they want to make their own family relation in another direction that the grandfather (her father) . They have kidnapped the husband and child to get the sword and they use the sword to kill their betraying kids. but of hero and her brother wins after training with their grandfather.