Beyond Love Existence news

Hello dear followers

Today I have not one, not two, not three but four news for you which I hope you will enjoy. Let us start with the small one which still quiet big news and then let them grow bigger.

  1. I have turned my three former ideas of Beyond Love Existence into one story which is not a bad thing as it is still going to be one major novel and yeah I know that some novel guides says that you should not write a long novel in your first story as no one will publish it but I do not mind that as my story is going to be published here on and as pdf’s for free. So no sales and it is what I made the website for to begin with even that reviews have been added too.
  2. The story is now is now four parts instead of the three parts I planned when starting it all and I feel I have finally gotten all my idea down on paper which have been hard for me but will be the best now and before you say well we was only waiting for part 3, then lets jump to number 3 news
  3. I have written down part 3 and part 4 so no more waiting on that and now to the last news
  4. I have uploaded the 4 parts now, I know that the 2 first is not any different but still because it is four parts now the names have changes too and I hope you will enjoy them all. You can download a pdf with all four stories in one or download the parts you want to read all from my downloads pages.

That was all the major news I had and really hope you will enjoy them. I don’t know if I will be ready for next week as I need to make all my characters now and even some of the names is repeat then I will surely have plenty to do. Enjoy and see you soon plus thanks for all the following.