Beyond Love Existence Cover ideas

Hello dear followers

I know that their might be a long while before I will be finished with my novel as it is so massive. Which means many of the ideas I get for the finished product might change over time no matter if it is important parts of the novel or the front cover of my novel and because I went a week without anything and the chapter dividing is nowhere done yet, still writing on it like a mad dog, I wanted to give you something after almost two weeks of nothing novel news so here I am giving you cover ideas. The ideas is made with previews of shutterstock so I added this  to all of them so I hope no one blames me for using them here even I have not bought them yet as I want to collect them here and maybe make a contest in the end letting you guys pick the covers and then buy the right ones. Anyway here they are and there is not much to say about them as I way past my bedtime even it is weekend so enjoy.

Idea number 01


The first idea, I got while watching ancient Chinese drawings, I know the front is no good but don’t have idea for that yet

Idea number 02


A bit similar to the first idea just this one is in colour instead

Idea number 03


Lovely girl with waterfall in the back plus tattoish dragon on her own back to show the connections to China

Which do you prefer so far?