Old or new idea

Hello dear followers

sorry that I was not posting last week except for Monday but the time flew fast like a lightning strike and mixed with that my mind is again having a new idea about how my novel shall be. Actually I have two new ideas for it and cannot decide which one I want to do now but let me tell you the ideas.

  1. The story part which is a story to  the child in the beginning will be changed a bit and followed by three new stories also taken place in the past but not at the same time as the first one and not with same people in it. Then after that it will become a mix of my past future stories and end in some way meaning there will be 5 stories in total.

  2. The other idea is almost the same except that the three new stories is taking place with the same characters just they go on more adventures before the ending and we go back to the mix of future things again.

Which of them would you prefer to read. I am thinking myself that I would like the 4 different time and characters even it means I will need to work up more characters, more stories and more timelines which needs to be connected somehow.

Anyway about reviews then this week will either be a movie or hardware review as that depends on if I am going to the movies tomorrow or not.

That was all for now