Book review Armada (spoilers)


Name of book: Armada
Release year: 2015
Writer: Ernest Cline
Known from: Ready Player One
Content: The book is about a boy who notice a space craft in the sky while in school and at first he believes he is crazy as his father was as he had died many years ago, leaving him and his mom alone. The space craft is specail as it is one of the main enemies form his favorite game called Armada. He thinks he is going crazy like his father as his father believed that most movies and games have been part of a training program by the military to train people for something. He goes to work after where he boss gives he a very expencive gaming helmet as a gadution gift which is soon. From there the story goes crazy and I can just say that it is better that Ready Player One which I liked a lot too
Length (Pages according to Wikipedia): 368pages
Sequels or prequels: None
Genre: Games, Real world, Aliens
Review: I can only add that I hope he will continue writing books
Stars: 7 out 6 stars
 Reread-ability: Yes for sure


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