Book review Dune (spoilers)


Name of book: Dune
Release year: 1965
Writer: Frank Herbert
Known from: Dune series
Content: It is the story about a young man who is the first born man into a group women who tries to give birth to a certain person but the young man is the love child between a lord and one of those girls. They travel to a world called Arakis where a very special specie is who is the most valued thing in the universe. Suddenly they are attacked and only the boy and mother survives. More I won’t tell you.
Length (Pages according to Wikipedia): 412pages
Sequels or prequels: lots
Genre: Science Fiction
Review: A fantastic story, full of action, romance and everything else needed for a good story which I love.
Stars: 7 out of 6
 Reread-ability: Yes for sure


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