Book review Minority Report (spoilers)

Minority Report

Name of book: Minority Report
Release year: 1956
Writer: Philip K. Dick
Known from: The Man in the High Castle, Do androids dream of electrical sheep
Content: It is the story about a future where 3 mutants can tell when you are planning on doing a crime so the police can capture you before it happens but our main character have just seen his own future and blames the system for being a conspiracy against him so now he has problems.
Length (Pages according to Wikipedia): 400pages
Sequels or prequels: None
Genre: Science fiction, future
Review: Some of you know the movie and when I like a movie then I sometimes reads the book too and I am growing really interested in books by Philip K. Dick as I really like the way he writes and tells the things so will might read more.
Stars: 6 out of 6 stars
Rereadability: Yes for sure


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