Game Review Secret World Legends

Secret World Legends
Name of Game: Secret World Legends
Channels: Windows
Creator: Funcom
Known from: Age of Conan, Dreamfall – The longest journey
Review: I recently started playing this game again as even it is brand new it is a rerelease of The Secret World and I played that found time to time and even I played it a lot I never came out of the first town so cannot say anything about the content but can seee that the old version had like 15 issuse which made the game very big. I like the game as the game is in our world while style offers mysteries as the world you are in are rule by three fraction. Dragons, Illuminati and Templers which is a fun mix, but there is no difference between them so far I have noticed. The game itself is MMORPG and you go on hunting in a town named Kingsmouth which is sourounded by fog and there is plenty of zombies to kill and other ceatures. There is a street name elm street and for those who does not know then that is the name of the street where Freddy Krueger hunts in the movies, I dont know if he is in the game but that is what I find so cool about the game, is that they have connected all your horror movies and book into one major game and I like it a lot. I also like that it is not a game you can just rush trought as some assignments needs you to know stuff from our world fx one assignment is asking you to find out who made a certain album and if you dont found it in game you need to search for it in the build in browser. Just wish it did not reset the browser when closed. I love this game but you need plenty of space on your hdd, plenty of ram and a good grafikcard but still going to give it 6 out of 6 stars.
– Free with pay if you like
– Cool world
– Hard assignments
– Free choices but still classes
– Two weapon types at once
– Only PC
– A few bugs



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