Movie review Independence Day (spoilers)

Independence Day

Name of movie: Independence Day
Release year: 1996
Director: Roland Emmerich
Known from: The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla, The Patriot
Main actor: Will Smith
Known from: Men in Black series, I am Legend, Hancock
Main actress: Vivica A. Fox
Known from: Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Batman & Robin
Honorable mentions: Jeff Goldblum
Content: The movie is about a world where a wierd signal is heard and slowly our satellites is getting destroyed by massive UFO which of cause is only there for one thing only, kill and destroy us and our planet.Will Smith plays an soldier who is a pilot in the airforce who helps us beat the aliens and that is quiet action made so if you like science fiction and action go watch it now and while you are at it go ahead and watch the sequel in the movies so we can get the last one too.
Length (Mins): 145mins
Sequels or prequels: Independence Day: Resurgence
Genre: Science Fiction, Action
Review: This is one of my favoirte movies too as it have plenty of action, lots of aliens plus I used to have toys which were together with the movie, just sad I never found out what the blue floppy disk was for as I did not have a good computer for those things back then… just found out the floppy was small games. On the movie I can just say it have lots of action, some homour and few screens that does not make sense but still super good.
Stars: 7 out of 6 stars
 Re-watchability: yes


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