Movie review Ladyhawke (spoilers)


Name of movie: Ladyhawke
Release year: 1989
Director: Richard Donner
Known from: The Goonies, Lethal Weapon, Timeline
Main actor: Matthew Broderick
Known from: Inspector Gadget, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Main actress: Michelle Pfeiffer
Known from: Scarface, Dark Shadows
Honorable mentions: Rutger Hauer
Content: It is the story about a thief called the mouse who escapes a castle where he was supposed to be executed and then he escape to some place where he thinks he is safe but some guards are after him but he makes a friend who helps him because he wants to go inside the castle he escape from. But that is not the main point of the story but rather the love story between a hawk and wolf which have human forms at different times and that is a very good story.
Length (Mins): 121mins
Sequels or prequels: none
Genre: Adventure
Review: The movie tells a good story and the actors do good while you understand their actions. The movie is also one where the hero prefers not to kill some of the bad guys.
Stars: 5 out of 6 stars
 Re-watchability: yes


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