Movie review Pan (spoilers)


Name of movie: Pan
Release year: 2015
Director: Joe Wright
Known from: Atonement, Pride & Prejudice, and Hanna
Main actor: Levi Miller
Known from: First major movie
Main actress: Rooney Mara
Known from: The Social Network, Side Effects
Honorable mentions: Hugh Jackman
Content: The movie is some kind of prequel to the Peter Pan story who tells the story of how Peter became Peter Pan. It starts with his mom leaving him at an orphanage before we time jumps 12 years into the future where he is becoming a young boy which is good friends with another boy when they do something not allowed by the head nun which is a fat and old woman. One night they decide to find out who is adopting all the kids and is captured by a pirate ship who appears in the sky and Peter is too scared to jump off so he leaves his friend at the orphanage before the adventure starts.
Length (Mins): 111 min
Sequels or prequels: none
Genre: Family action
Review: The story is good and they make most of the future things make sense but still some of the stories is a bit weird plus it is trying to make room for a sequel which may never appear which I wish would be done even that some of the actors is a bit of cast. But still a good movie and worth a watch or two.
Stars: 4 out of 6 stars
 Re-watchability: sure


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