Movie review Predestination (spoilers)


Name of movie: Predestination
Release year: 2014
Director: Michael Spierig
Known from: Daybreakers
Main actor: Ethan Hawke
Known from: Gattaca, Training Day
Main actress: Sarah Snook
Known from: Steve Jobs, Jessabelle
Honorable mentions: Noah Taylor
Content: It is the story about a time travel who tries to prevent certain events form happening but every time he comes close he gets injuried or other things. this is his final mission to end it all before it all starts.
Length (Mins): 97mins
Sequels or prequels: none
Genre: science fiction, action, time travel
Review: the movie is nicely made and it is build up very nicely and I had no idea of anything before the movie ended and I got the mood to watch it again
Stars: 7 out of 6 stars
 Re-watchability: yes


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