Movie review Rain Man (spoilers)

Rain Man

Name of movie: Rain Man
Release year: 1989
Director: Barry Levinson
Known from: Good morning Vietnam, Toys
Main actor: Dustin Huffman
Known from: Tootsie, Kung fu panda trilogy, Hook
Main actress: Valeria Golino
Known from: Hot Shots!, Four Rooms
Honorable mentions: Tom Cruise
Content: It is the story about a family of two brothers where the father have died and the “normal” brother is living a fast life and only thinks about himself so when he finds out that his old father have given the money to some mental hospital he drives there and tries to get the money but finds out he has a brother instead and then decides to kidnap him to get the money but it is start of an adventure for both of them where the “normal” brother learns to love his weird brother.
Length (Mins): 133mins
Sequels or prequels: none
Genre: Drama
Review: The movie is great and even I am not having the same thing I feel connected to the way he is plus I understands why some confuses autism and aspergers. As a side node then this movie was the most popular movie the day I was born and I only watched it not long ago. The actors is great and I have started to love the way Dustin Hoffman acts so really good movie if you want a good actor plus a good story.
Stars: 7 out of 6 stars
 Re-watchability: yes


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