Movie review Suicide Squad (spoilers)

Suicide Squad

Name of movie: Suicide Squad
Release year: 2016
Director: David Ayer
Known from: Fury, Sabotage, End of Watch
Main actor: Will Smith
Known from: Men in Black series, Bad Boys series, Independece day
Main actress: Margot Robbie
Known from: The Legend of Tarzan, Z for Zachariah
Honorable mentions: Jared Leto
Content: The story is about some crazy lady who wants a weapon against the heros like Superman and that is the point of the Suicide Squad who is 8 of the worst outlaws who each is special in their own way… between them is Harley and Deadshot who is the two main characters after my mind and they get a mission that they only know is a save mission and guess I better stop there before telling too much but can say that the evil one is quiet nice ones
Length (Mins): 123mins
Sequels or prequels: None but guess it will
Genre: Action, anti-superhero
Review: Weird in the good way, lots of action, an fine story and liked they did not switched the batman to a new guy and kept it so all in all in good movie that I could watch again. I did not find the Harley that bad but she is not my type even that I am crazy at times… I would prefer the Asian girl with the sword
Stars: 6 out of 6 stars
 Re-watchability: Yes


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