Service review Headspace


Name of service: Headspace
Apps: Headspace
Use: Meditation app with lots of different focus
Creator: Headspace
Known from: Headspace
Review: On personal level I have always been having problems overthinking and things like anxiety and so on. Those things have been making me sick sometimes so I got the idea that I would try some meditation and I looked at the at the apple App Store where I feel over headspace as my first try and from the first time I heard Andy’s voice I knew that I was going to love this app as he was calm and right the way I wanted the person to be. That was a good beginning and then I started using it and slowly the app grew better and better for every day I used it and I like that it have lots of different focus so you can get help with everything from sport to relationships and health. So no matter the reason for you to meditate then they got it. I guess now I am getting to sometimes bad issue about good apps and that is the price but after my about 60 days of uses I am so much in love with it that the price is not an issue for me but still there is four prices. 13usd for a month, 8usd/month for a year prepaid, 6,25usd/month for two year prepaid or 420usd for forever. I was a bit nervous at first but after the first 10 days I knew that I needed to do some good for myself so I brought the lifetime version and so far I have not felt like I wasted it. The app and service is just fantastic
– Simple app
– Four price points
– Lots of focus
– Android, iOS and web
– iOS syncs with Apple Health
– Great support
– None, just lots of thanks form here


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