Service review Pinner


Name of service: Pinner
Apps: iOS
Use: a Pinboard app for iOS
Creator: Sam Oakley
Known from: Pinner
Review: Since I started using Google Chrome and Safari on my devices I been looking for a way to sync bookmarks between them even I know I can use Google Chrome at iOS just don’t want to them the same place so this was the easy and I like how the Pinboard is working as it has tags, sync, app and is quiet cheap even he only do the website and I have decide I will evovle to the expensive version later on. The app I have found syncs it between your iOS devices and works on every device for you. I do not know what it had on Apple Watch but it is gone now but sounds interesting but I like that the app have dark mood and that it can open the bookmarks in Safari.
– Simple and fast
– Bookmarks
– Sync anywhere
– Dark mode
– Fast or slow bookmarking
– none found


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