Software review Blogo


Name of software: Blogo
App Versions: iOS, Mac (review is mac version)
App Release: 3.1.3
Use: A blogger app for Blogger (Google), WordPress, and Medium
Creator: Blogo, Inc
Known from: Blogo
Review: Let me start by saying that if you use a mac or iPad while on the lookout for a deticated blogging app then do not cheat themselves for this one and I love it and would have used it for all my blogging writing if not for that I already had the ulysses app that I use for my novels as that can also upload to wordpress. But that is not Blogo fault as I have long been looking for a deticated app for blogging and it does the job fantastic where one of the things I love is the previews and syncs between your devices if you have pro which is a bit expensiv but I would pay it if I only needed this app. Other than that then you can control your blog from there like if you was on the web all the time which I am not when I am writing my novels. I also like the Markdown language support which allows you to focus on your stuff instead of different styles so go ahead and give it try as it has 30 days of trial. Plus I forgot to say it works with Evernote too.
– Simple but powerful
– Sync
– Have previews
– Lets you control everything except for a few media things like the gallery I add with my screenshots
– suports Blogger (Google), WordPress, and Medium
– too expensive for me as I have Ulysses already
– free does not allow more than one blog


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