Software review Duplicati


Name of software: Duplicati
Apps: Windows, Mac and others
Use: Open source backup program
Creator: Duplicati
Known from: Duplicati
Review: I fell over this software while trying to find a good backup software that could backup my PC and Mac to my NAS without making it into the format needed for both as I needed the other space for my movies and stuff. So doing my search I feel over this software and it is a bit buggy at times but really started to enjoy it as you just install it and then you set it up like you want as it backup your stuff in anyway you like from USB hard drives, internal hard drives, NAS, and cloud providers like Dropbox. One of the best things about it is that it is Open Source so it is free, does not have ads only a few donation bottoms which can be remove with a click in settings. The setup is easy first you pick a name and code for your backup, then you pick your destination which is everything you can dream off. Next up is the Data you want backed up easy done too before you pick the schedule and edit a few things under options. Then you have the backup if it works as it took me some tries to make it working but guess it will if you know what to do.
– Simple app but powerful
– Free, but you can donate
– Runs in your browser
– Backup as you want
– Bugs
– Not made for entire hard drives


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