Software review Newton


Name of software: Newton
App Versions: iOS, Mac, Android
App Release: 7.11.40
Use: an Mail app which after my mind replaces the apple mail app
Creator: CloudMagic, Inc.
Known from: None
Review: Newton is a mail client app and let me say before I tell about why I like it that I am normally not like other mail clients than the one Apple have made as it is simple but still does what I needed so before I got this one I have tried others which all had something I did not like so I ended switching back but now I feel I found my home for my mails on my iPhone and iPad now as have many cool features like sync so I do not have to setup my 4 mails on every phone I have, it connects with other app which I use for my todoist app which means I can make mails to to dos and remember them instead of they disappear in my long list of mails. Then there is sounds changes so you can make sounds being different for each mail you have so you know it is work mail instead of just knowing it is mail like with apples mail app.
– app sync so you can setup the mails on your iPad and then sync them to your iPhone
– works with other apps like todoist
– sounds for ever mail account
– sender profile (Not using it but heard good about it)
– Syncs with include mail so it won’t move them in random folders like Dropbox mailbox did for me
– none I can think off


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