Software review PDF Expert

PDF Expert

Name of software: PDF Expert
Apps: iOS, MacOS
Use: Alternative to preview and adobe reader
Creator: Readdle
Known from: Spark, Documents
Review: I used to look at adobe pdf reader and other adobe and say there most be another way of handling my pdf, watch my movies and so on. So far I have found PDF expert for PDF’s and guess flash is dead soon expect for a few places. But that is not what we are talking about today as here we have the PDF software you should get if you own a Mac or iOS device as it does absolutely everything I can think of with a PDF as you can draw, insert pictures, edit text and much, much more that would not make me finish this review today or tomorrow if I have to write it all.  And then there are Readdle other apps which works together with it as before iOS 11 is released later, you can actually drag and drop on iOS between their apps which is quiet nice too. I want to say so many wonderful things about this app but cannot say a word, not because it is bad in anyway but because it is so good so will go as far as saying that your Mac is not complete without owning this software if you work with PDF. It just works as a Mac does. The only small thing is that you don’t get OCR with it but you can edit the text. Thanks for making the PDF easy to use. Forgot to say that the price is a bargain at what adobe wants for those app 🙂
– Simple app
– Does all I want to do with PDF
– Sync with iCloud
– Edit text, insert pictures
– Markup
– Just works
– A bit expensive but worth it totally.
– No OCR, but you can edit text


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