Software review Pigment


Name of software: Pigment
App Versions: iOS, android coming soon
App Release: 1.4.2
Use: An color book for iPad
Creator: Pixite LLC
Known from: Assembly
Review: I know that this might sound like a stupid review when I am telling you that this is nothing more than the color books we all had as childs but what I love about it is that is have lots of drawings and after I got my iPad Pro I felt wonderful for drawing on it as I am not good at sketching yet so still help me learn to color stuff yet and depending on how good you are then you can fill the spaces with one click, draw where the app stops you form getting out of the line or draw like you would paper which makes it prefect for anyone and I like coloring for relax sometimes and even that the app works on iPhone too I love the iPad with pencil even better plus my cover is made to be put in a sketching mood so love how the three things works together to make the app even better so cannot recommend it enough. The only small minus is that it is a bit expensive at 35usd but you get so many colors and tools
– simple
– accurate with pencil
– lots of colors
– lots of tools
– maybe a bit expencive for some


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