Software Review PopClip


Name of software: PopClip
App Versions: Mac
App Release: 1.5.6
Use: iOS looking clipper for mac with 164 extensions
Creator: Pilotmoon
Known from: Dropshelf, DwellClick, RapidClick, Scroll Reverser
Review: Sometimes you need a simple app to do the things for you and one of those simple apps is PopClip which is have been around for a long time now and I have just rediscovered it as I got my new mac. The app itself is an replacement for the right click which many of us do millions of times doing the day. But this app remove that need plus gives you 164 extensions which range from searching the web to make formats to the text or add the text to lots of app so you work gets easier. I would go so far to say that it is one of the apps that every body needs and when you look at the price at 10 usd then you might be scared away but do it and I will promise you that you never look back again. it is cheaper than Alfred which is also is a good app but if you have this then you have it all in your fingers instead of searching for it. The only thing I miss at Alfred is the quick lock but uses hot conners instead. Buy this app now and be surprised on how fast you can work
– Simple but powerful
– Extensions
– Reminds me of iOS
– Cheap
– Not working with all apps but have not found any of mine to have problems


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