Software review Streaks


Name of software: Streaks
App Versions: iOS
App Release: 2.0.2
Use: A habit trainer
Creator: Crunchy Bagel
Known from: Streaks and Streaks workout
Review: The app is a simple way to get yourself to learn you some habits no matter if you want to stop some bad ones or learn some good as this app gives you 6 spots you can use on any habit you like and before you say that it sounds like any other habits app you are using then this one is working with apple health so you can use it to walk a certain number of steps or something like that. You can write your own and their is icons for many things which is quite nice. I also like that the app only allows 6 spots as when I used others you could make unlimited and that made it more confusing and hard to focus on the habits. And it does not matter if the habits is one time a day or many times a day.
– 6 sports
– Apple Watch app
– Simple
– Works with Apple Health
– Able to split up habits in more parts
– only one notification for each habits no multiple like the split up


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