Hardware review Bose Quietcomfort 35


Name of hardware: Bose Quietcomfort 35
Use:  Noise cancelling headphones
Creator: Bose
Review: WOW… never in my life I have been having such good headphones in my life as they are just magical to wear and I love wearing them all the time as they are noise cancelling, which just works. I know they are expensive but they are totally worth every penny and I don’t have to blow my brains out anymore to hear my music in train or anywhere else. They have 3 buttons, one pause which triples as jump a song forward or backwards, one for more volume and one for less volume. You can answer your phone with them. They comes in grey or black so my taste is settled on black. You can also control Siri with them. SO great and wish every body could try them at least once and fall in love with them. The package gives you everything you need as charging cable, sound cable if you don’t want bluetooth, airplane adapter, and case. They are controlled able with an app on your phone which gives you all the things you need as firmware updates and so on.
– Noise cancelling
– No need to blow your brain out
– all you need

  • A bit warm at times

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