Beyond Love Existence Chapters

Hello dear followers
Here is the chapters for my book. But before you read them you should know a few things.
1. All events might not be there as my mind might evolve it doing writing
2. All names is temporary as I have not decided them yet
3. Changes can and will happen
That was all for for now


Chapter 1 – The girl
Our story begins right after a major war in China who have killed many people. The two leaders are brothers. The youngest picked by their father as the next emperor which the oldest brother feels is unfair as he is the oldest and natural heir to their father. The emperor is walking around on the battlefield and wonders on what he can do to make the country have peace now after so much suffering. Suddenly he is stopped in his thoughts by an young girl who attacks him with a sword and tries to kill him but because of his training he defeats her easily and is about to kill her but notices that she is not evil, just full of sorrow. He ask for her name and her story and she tells that she is Ling An and that she have just lost her mother giving birth to her stillborn brother and her father driving by madness joined the army to kill the brother of the emperor and now she is trying to end what her father could not do. Tears runs down her cheeks but the heavy rain makes it invisible but the emperor gets sad for her and tells her that he wants to bring peace like his father before him. They talk a bit when suddenly a rider appears in the horizon and the emperor makes the girl gets behind him as the weather makes it hard to see who it is. The rider gets closer and soon the emperor puts down his sword and laughs as it is his grand master who have news from the front. Grand master have good and bad news. The good is that the enemy is on retreat but the bad is that they have not managed to kill or capture the brother so he can get his punishment. The emperor don’t know to react on the news but when Ling An’s belly rumbles loud, they decide to go back to the tents for a good meal and fight another day.
Chapter 2 – Bloody return
15 years later our young girl have turned into a fine woman but her lose of parents have made her train in secret in case she gets a chance to revenge her father so she can get her life back. She lives withe her step father and step mother in the northern part of China, a bit far from the emperor’s palace but she lives there because her step parents could not get children so the emperor gave her to them to take care of her. So far all have been good as her step father is the general of the north and today is the day that he and the army will return form training and Ling An cannot wait to show him all the secret training she have done and that she wants to learn more from him. Unknown to her is that her father is in a fight with the emperor’s evil brother and that he is all that stands between a destruction of China and he is close to win but the evil brother is betrayed by his own three kids who wants the power for themselves so they orders archers to kill them both and the army of course. They divides the army into three parts, one attacking the town where Ling An is while the other two takes out the western and eastern army so it is only the south and emperor’s palace left. Back home at Ling An is her step mother screaming of pain as she have felt the death of her husband and she runs around like a headless chicken to find Ling An but she is no where to be found and thence faints while the servants starts searching for her instead. Back at the hill Ling An watched a woman yelling about that the army have returned before she is killed by an arrow and Ling An freezes to ice but luckily a servant appears at her side soon after and start bringing her back home while watching the horrors that happens to their town. Back home the mother have reawaken and is packing a horse with food, a sword and their family symbol as she knows that they need to escape. Ling An appears all bloody as the servant have been killed by an arrow but there is no time for clean up as her mother just put her on the horse and tells that her parents would have been so proud of her and then force the horse out the house gate and close behind her before Ling An gets the changes to take her with her. 5 soldiers on horses appears in front of Ling An leaves her no choice to leave the town. She escapes to an forest while using her sword skills to defend herself and managed to stop one of them leaving her with only four soldiers. Suddenly she hits branch which kills the horse and injuries her badly leaving her defenceless. She is about to accept her faint and that she cannot wait to be with her parents again but just before she blacks out she hears a dry gentle voice asking if she is alright.
Chapter 3 – The old man
Ling An dreams about the slaughter of her parents and her steps parents and the lose of her family symbol before she wakes up by the heat of an fireplace. She looks around while feeling the pain form her injuries and notices a old man on the other side of the fire who is cleaning himself. She worries what he wants and tries to stand up and get away but the pain is too heavy and blows her cover instead as she screams like a mad man. The old man rush over to her and tries to calm her down and taking away her pain and she is soon on the grown again and then she notices the bodies of the four soldiers who followed her and knows he is a good man. She tells him all what had happened and she finally notices that the old man is the grand master of the emperor. They are about to pack his horse when they are attacked by soldiers again and it is a heavy fight but Ling An goes crazy because of her lose of family before fainting because of pain.
Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace
They gets to the gates of the emperor’s palace but is not allowed to get in because the old man have lost his papers and the guards do not remember him, even he is a very good friend of the emperor. Ling An gets the idea that she can just show them her family symbol but because of her injuries she ends dropping it and falling of the horse herself but that is the least of her troubles as she lands on the main part of the road and a ridder is close to ride her down but ends up stopping and falling of his horse himself and the person is none other than the crown prince of China. Ling An faints of pain while watching his beautiful look. When she wakes up it is night and she is in a bed with the crown prince near her but the old man is nowhere to be seen. She wants to sleep more but she is hungry and her belly rumbles so loud it wakes up the prince so he laughs of her and go gets her some food while bring the emperor and the old man to her and she is glad to see them even the sad reasons. The old man have told the emperor about every she have told him and the emperor gives her back the medallion with her family symbol and tells her that her father was a great man. She gets some food while they talk about what happens know and they are waiting for the generals of the the corners to bring their armies to the palace so they can end the war quickly and for good this time. They leave her again but she cannot stop thinking about the crown prince even she knows she is just a regular girl while he is a prince.
Chapter 5 – The attack
Ling An wakes up with a set as a loud noice is heard in the room and just as quickly is the old man in the room too and telling her to get ready even her pains is not gone yet and while she does the emperor and the crown prince comes too and the emperor tells that they are under attack and that he wants the three of them to escape the palace just to be sure that they are safe which makes Ling An sad as she believes he will get killed like her parents and step parents but the emperor is sure everything will be alright as his generals are surely on their way. They gets to the stables and gets on some horses but Ling An is too hurt to ride on her own so she is ridding with the crown prince and then they are ridding fast out of the gate while the army is covering them. But they are not safe yet as the enemy follows them but the old man and crown prince manages to defend them while Ling An tries to stay on the horse. They ride all night, next day and the night after to get as far as far as possible.
Chapter 6 – An new home
They arrives at a small town which the old man used to live in before he got a very good friend of the emperor and he still knows everybody there so he knows they won’t betray him and they talk about what the plans are now. Crown Prince will learn how to become a great emperor in the event that his father will be killed and he will be train to fight with more weapons too while Ling An will learn how to be a good wife and maybe she will get married away to someone to prevent future wars. The crown prince is not much for the idea about her get married away as he have started to get feelings for her but he knows that the old man won’t like it because of their different status so he keeps it a secret but tells her it doing the next night. The next days they start learning their skills and as Ling An gets better she start training her secrets skills again and one night the crown prince noticed it and decide to train with her which grows their bond even bigger.
Chapter 7 – White Lotus
They have started to fall in love each and they do everything to keep it a secret while doing the things that the grand master have planned for them but still have been together in secret. One day when at the nearby river Ling An falls in the river and is almost killed because she cannot swim but the crown prince saves her and they discover a secret behind the waterfall where they make love which make grand master close to capture them together but they managed to escape him and all is good. The oldest evil is having nightmare about a man who will kill his siblings and himself and save the emperor so he tries to find out what to do when he finds out that his sister is out searching for them on her own so he feels safe but still think for his own plan
Chapter 8 – Focus
Grand father discovers them having feelings for each other and force them to break up and focus on their assignments instead which is hard for them but they do as he says as they know he is in charge and they gets harder assignments plus he is making them sleep in each end off the horse with him near the girl to be sure that they won’t be together. Ling An gets a bit annoyed too because the discovery makes it hard for her to train in secrets but they finds out ways to be together
Chapter 9 – The new girl
One day the crown prince is out getting swords made for him with the golden dragon as he have learned so much that the grand master wants him to train with some new weapons and that he wants him to know who he is no matter what happens to his father. Ling An gets a new dress which happens to be the dress of grand masters former wife but it is beautiful. She wants to show it to crown prince but when he comes back to from the blacksmith he has an new girl with him and they looks happy together so Ling An believes their love have disappeared and that he has feelings for her now after the grand master forbidden their love. But in reality crown prince is just using her as cover for their love.
Chapter 10 – Letters from home
The emperor have suddenly send letters to them and Ling An takes it as that they never will be together now as the letters talks about that he wants Ling An to marry the evil brother to end the war for good and bring peace to the world. Ling An gets crazy but crown prince does not make it better as he is looking for the new girl instead of helping her and make his father known their love.
Chapter 11 – Nightmares
That night is Ling An is having nightmares about her parents, being very disappointed of her and they blames her for their dead like they did in her nightmares after her escape but the dreams evolves to them trying to kill her and she wakes up with scream which wakes up grand father and crown prince too who quickly enters her room and finds a dead man who Ling An have killed in the meantime and they start smelling smog and soon they finds out that the town is under attack by the evil who is attacking the town as they have followed the letters. They try to escape the town but ends up being captured by soldiers and taken to prison where the girl also is.
Chapter 12 – Hand in hand
The next day they meet the youngest of the two brothers who wants marry Ling An instead of his brother and that he have brought the emperor with him to witness his final defeat. Crown prince, the girl and grandmaster is going to get excuted as part of the party. But before the party gets to good general of the south attacks them and saves the good guys but grandmaster in the saving. He forgives their love which he knows they still have. Crown prince kills the brother after he have killed the grandmaster. The girl is the sister of evil but they don’t know that and they save her too which make crown prince confused as who shall he love. The emperor is glad to have his son in one piece but sad the grandmaster had to die but they wants to revenge it.
Chapter 13 – The plan
They starts talking about the plan and how to end the rule of the last brother and they talks a lot of it while Ling An tries to make the crown prince love her again but he is too focused at the girl instead. They finally get the idea of sending crown price and the girl into the palace and kill the last brother as many of the people in the army and town wants the emperor as leader instead. The two of them leaves and Ling An feels betrayed by the crown prince but is getting sick so have to keep it too herself plus if the grandmaster wont allow their love why would the emperor. As the girl and crown prince leaves the place. The emperor takes care of her but doing the night she has nightmare again and this time about the crown prince blames her for his dead and she wakes up all alone in the tent and knows she have to leave the camp and be with her lover. She gets a horse and starts ridding thought the night. Leaving a note back telling about their love and what she have planned to do. The emperor reads the note in the morning and then they prepares the army for war in case something goes wrong.
Chapter 14 – Never alone
Sister, and crown prince is sneaking there way to the last of the evils. They know he is at the emperor’s old palace and even that the crown prince remembers it then it is better to be with some one who recently have escaped it and all is going good until they stands outside the gates to the halls of the palace as suddenly the sister attacks the crown prince who understands nothing as he thought they were together on the way to beat the last evil but she is really the evil sister and is trying to make her brother able to marry Ling An as she have learned about their love doing the time together. Crown prince cannot make himself fight her but when it looks the darkest Ling An appears and starts fighting sister as she have followed them because she don’t want to leave crown prince in the hands of some other girl after so much time together. She beats the twin who is surprises of her fighting skills
Chapter 15 – Last blood
Ling An and the crown prince stands in the main hall looking at the finally enemy of China, the oldest of the three kids who is already ready for the fight and he change against them when he notices that the girl is not his sister and that the man is the crown prince he wanted died so long ago and the fights is going crazy but the crown prince have the upper hand and Ling An is just watching her love fight the last evil and the last one who stands in their way of marriage. Suddenly evil gets a grip in Ling An and forces crown prince to give up but even when he have forces him to give up he almost kills Ling An who dies in the arms of crown prince. The evil thinks he have won the fight and is about to stab down crown prince but the prince feels his mood and uses the sword to kill them both.
Chapter 16 – New beginning
The emperor and the general of the south finally gets to the main hall where the moonlight shows the horrors of what have happened there and they tries to wake up Ling An and the crown prince but they are long gone together with the last of the three kids so the war is over and there can finally be peace again. The emperor and the general of the south is leaving the room again as they will help their soldiers with the last things but a screaming is hear but not just any scream but a baby scream and the emperor runs back finds that Ling An have been pregnant all along and that she have giving birth to a beautiful girl. The emperor picks her up and takes the medallion form Ling An and puts it around her and promises to protect her from harm and burry her parents together. Two night butterflies flews against the sky before despairing in the moonlight.

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