Software review Workout (Streaks)

Streaks Workout.jpg

Name of software: Streaks Workout
App Versions: iOS
App Release: 2.1
Use: A fitness trainer
Creator: Crunchy Bagel
Known from: Streaks and Streaks workout
Review: I know there is many 7mins apps out in the world, but because I have been using their habit app a lot I decided I wanted to try their fitness app too, and I have tried a few of the other 7mins apps and so far I prefer this one. Reason 1, no subscriptions like I have seen one with and it was 10usd a month, but you got personal coach which I don’t need. Reason 2, No ads. Reason 3, you pick what you want to train and for how long instead of only 7mins. And last reason it works on the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV so no matter how you wanna see your training you can see it. So it is one of the best of those apps plus you can get it cheap if you want to learn habits too.
– Cheap
– Apple Watch app
– Simple
– Works with Apple Health
– Anywhere
– Missing notification settings


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