Beyond Love Existence Places

Hello dear followers

Here is just small list over the over the places in the novels

The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City is place in Beijing which is called Jingshi in my story because of the time period, it takes places. I will do my best to explain thr palace in the novel but never been there in real life so might be a bit hard. Not much more to say about it. This is the place where the emperor lives with crown price.

Taiyuan Fu
This is the town of our heroine who stepfather is the general of the north who is the main army of the emperor.

The hometown of Grandmaster and where they escape to after the attack on the palace and it is also where the story mainly takes places.

That was the list of places. I tried to give the place the real names of the timeperiod which is the Ming dynasty so things should fit.



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