News 08 – Last things

Hello dear followers

I am back to normal and the plans for this week is:

  • One software review as I have fallen over a new app that needed that, still not sure about the second review yet but I am sure it comes doing the week.
  • The idea / cover day might become a new novel idea as I have been dreaming a weird dream lately and feels it might turn into an idea.
  • Novel day will be the last adjustments before I will start writing on my novel so it will be a short version with all the events in the story where the names and places will be named so it is not confusing for me or you. Then I will upload it here as Beyond Love Existence Origanal as the new idea evolved like crazy and I don’t think  want to let it go just yet. Either use it as a new idea or maybe make it work with the original idea.
  • Medium post will be published weekly
  • Reviews now have links to
    • Software, service, and hardware will link to the creator website
    • Movie to YouTube trailer
    • Book to the goodreads site about the book

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