Beyond Love Existence Chapter 1 Notes

Hello dear followers

Today I am giving you the notes for Chapter 1, updated with characters’ names and other stuff that might be important for me to write it. The plan is that I wanna write every chapter over a time period of 2 weeks, but as it’s been a while since I last focused on my novel like that I cannot say if I will still give reviews and news but this is a test for that. If it works out I will do it again if not, then I will give myself more time. About the chapters then I will not use the time to check them for spelling and grammar mistake before I am done the entire book so sorry for that. I have just uploaded the short version, the character’s gallery and places to my download pages in case you wanna read that again. Enjoy


Chapter 1 – The girl
– Our story starts in China, which have been plagued by war between Emperor Yang Chang and his older brother Lei Chang
– They fight because of their father’s recent death as he did not pick the oldest and only Wu Wang had come in the way
– Yang Chang walks among the bodies of dead people in heavy rain and thunderous storm, thinking about ending wars
– Yang Chang thinks of the day his father died and how that only a sword form Wu Wang had saved him from the blade
– Suddenly he is attacked by a young girl with a sword which surprise him and gives him a cut on the left eye
– Yang Chang is a good fighter and the girl is not strong enough to use the sword properly except for the first strike
– Yang Chang quickly disarms her, but does not kill her as she starts crying even that she attacked him first
– Yang Chang looks into the sad eyes and knows her sorrow is true and decides to give her the sword back in return for her story
– The girl tells her named is Ling An and that her father was part of the emperor’s army. Her eyes are sad and full of tears
– Yang Chang asks for more story and Ling An tells that her father went mad after losing his wife and newborn child doing the labor
– Yang Chang wants to know more, but a rider appears on the horizon and the weather makes it hard to see if a friend or foe
– Yang Chang commands Ling An behind him and they watch the rider come closer while the emperor prepares his sword
– Suddenly Yang Chang smiles as he notices it is Wu Wang with the news and they talks about the war, his brother escape and end of war
– Ling An listens quietly and Yang Chang has no idea what to do with the news, but decides to call it a day when Ling An’s belly rumbles

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