Beyond Love Existence Chapter 2 Notes

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I decided to keep it at the notes so here you go


Chapter 2 – Bloody return
– 15 year later, Ling An have turned into a young woman, and have since the meeting with the emperor lived a good life in Changchun
– She lives there with her step father Rong Lu, General of the North and step mother Bai Lu, a former concubine of the emperor
– It is early morning and Ling An wakes up from a nightmare about that the town is burning and her step parents are killed
– Ling An has been having the same dream the last two months while her step father have been out training with the army
– Ling An have been training using her family sword like crazy because this year she wants to show step father, she can fight
– Ling An sneaks out of the house and out to a hill nearby the town and start training in the morning light, today her father will come home
– In a forest not far from there is more serious events taking place as a major army have surrounded the Northern army of China
– General Rong Lu is preparing for the most important fight of his life, he will fight the emperor’s brother and stop his army form advancing
– Rong Lu and Lie Chang mets in a small opening of the forest where the morning sun barely reach them while armies watch them from the edges
– Rong Lu is doing great against the older Lie Chang and quickly he gets the upper hand which makes Lie Chang even more annoyed
– Rong Lu is about to win when an arrow penetrates Lie Chang from the back and Rong Lu is about to cheer before another arrow hit him too
– Rong Lu falls to the ground and hears his men getting attacked by the other army and as the screams starts, three younger faces appears
– The three faces introduces themselves as the kids of Lie Chang and they thanks him from fighting there father so they could kill him easily
– Jun Chang is the oldest of the three and he will take command of the main army and attack Changchun, while the others will go south and east
– Bai Lu falls to the ground back home because she feels the pain of her husband and she knows something is wrong so she looks for Ling An
– Bai Lu cannot find Ling An so sends out servants to find Ling An while she prepares the stuff
– Ling An is still out training when a servant appears and tell her to go home because her step mother want her to but she does not want to
– Ling An thinks it is because of the rain which is in horizon but she can see an army appearing so she will wait for her father, never mind the rain
– The servant screams and points at a young woman who have been hit by three arrows and suddenly an arrow lands in front of Ling An
– Ling An freezes as she knows it is not her father on the way home and tires to run but cannot move so the servant takes her and runs home
– Ling An gets almost get home when the servant is killed by arrows too and she manage to run the last way where she meets up with Bai Lu
– Bai Lu puts her on a horse which is packed with food, a sword and the family medallion with the Black Turtle on for her
– Ling An does not want to leave without her stepmom as she have lost a family once before but is forced outside by servants
– Ling An tries to get back in but is attacked by 4 emery soldiers who rides after her but she tries to escape thought a nearby forest
– Ling An hits a breach which kills the horse and leaves a mess on the ground and she is too injured to do something so she accepts her fate
– An old man appears just as the soldiers are close to finish her off but Ling An faints before finding out who he is

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