Book review Shobu Samurai – Project Aryoku (spoilers)

Shobu Samurai - Project Aryoku

Name of book: Shobu Samurai – Project Aryoku
Release year: 2010
Writer: Terrance Johnson
Known from: Shobu vs. Shinry, the Sword of Light which is not out yet
Content: (The following content is from Goodreads as I felt it told the story in a good way without ruin the story for the next reader) Welcome to the Ark. In a place known as the Six Civilizations all is not as it seems, the six leaders though living in peace for the last decade soon find themselves struck by tragedy again! When the grandson of Chaos P. Karafuta, the world’s infamous scientist and inventor, King and his best friend Shabu accidently unlock the secrets to a weapon known simply as ‘Project Aryoku’. In his greed for power King will sacrifice everyone he loves to obtain its power. However, it falls into the hands of his nephew, Shobu Samurai. At the sight of losing his parents, his unbound power obliterates his hometown with no recollection of doing so. Now ten years later, Shobu Samurai returns to seek revenge on his uncle but instead will face a choice to save his home from shadow creatures, blood beast and organization once thought dead.
Length (Pages according to PDF): 412pages
Sequels or prequels: Shobu vs. Shinry, the Sword of Light plus 28 ideas for sequels which sounds nice and makes me wanna rethink my favorite idea and focus on it.
Genre: Fantasy, Adveture
Review: It is a bit like Hunger Games and the Maze runner mixed together with other stories which shows that even a story have been told by others you can mix it together and create your own story. Another great thing is the way he is writing it as it is so amazing as it really gives me who is a bad writer the wish to finished my own book as he has his own way of writing which I feel I have too which to some people might be bad but I like it. I am also amazed by his will to already have 29 ideas for sequels and I wanna join him with my own books.
Stars: 7 out of 6 stars as I really love the characters, the way he writes and the mix up of the stories that I know already
 Reread-ability: Yes, as I feel I did not get it all in the first read, so plan to read it again to get it all 🙂 which is not bad at all


P.s Thanks to Terrance Johnson for letting me get a free copy to read and review. Once I am done my own novel I will return the favor 🙂

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