News 21 New Beginning

Hello dear followers

Starting Monday I have decided to focus on my novels, so instead of giving reviews and so on I will share my progress with you every Monday to Friday. I might give reviews from time to time, but only if I find some amazing to review or if someone suggest me something. I plan to start with my favorite idea Beyond Love Existence but because I want it to be amazing, I might change a few things in it so I cannot say what I will give you at Monday but I really hope to do good. I hope this doesn’t scare my few followers away. Have a nice weekend and see you Monday to a new me. 🙂


P.s in case you wonder what software I use then I plan to use Ulysses places I cannot be online while when online I will use Blankpage as that way I have my novel all places I can write. I will also use Ulysses to make a nice design for the chapters and so on. For spelling I will get help from Ginger which is a nice add-on that helps you with spelling. The cover I have already planned and made just not sure if I will only pick one of the colors or all needed colors.

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