Beyond Love Existence – Restart and go

Hello dear followers

As I told you Friday, I have decided to focus all my writing time on writing my first novel Beyond Love Existence. That means no more reviews or things like that, except I might draw something from time to time and reviews if I really cannot stop myself from reviewing it.

This is the first post in my newest way and I have decided to restart my mind and rewrite the idea so that means I have nothing for you today as I was busy scouting and sleeping all weekend but I still have something for you. Let us start with the repeating kind and let the fun wait.

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For all of you who are watching my site and this post, then this is my cover for my novel and some of you might have seen it before, but I have a little surprise with the covers as when I showed you them the first time I was only showing you it as one cover while now it is 7 novels because I have found already evolved the single idea into 7 ideas which will be all related.

The 7 ideas are named:

The Sword Of The Gods

The Blind Girl

Evil within the Family

Back to The Beginning

The End of Terror

The Final Animal

Broken Pieces

And together they will from Beyond Love Existence which leads me to another point. From now on I will write the title of the part the post is about and Beyond Love Existence will be if more than one part is in the post. Another thing is that my mind have not finished all any of the ideas yet so no ideas for you today, but works hard to get them down. I hope you will have a bit relaxing time schedule to me until I start writing because then I can give you parts like every day because then when the time is up I will just publish the words no matter how long I am.

In case you wonder what software I use to write in the I will be using Blankpage for writing and Ulysses for designing

A last thing before I will finish this first post after the restart is, that my mind works on the ideas all the time, which means that mean I started this post I only have ideas for 6 novels while having 7 covers but my mind got an idea while writing the last lines of this post. Just one of the things about 7 novels is that I don’t want to force them so if any of them don’t fit they will get replaced or removed.

See you around


P.S check out my new photo on about me page 🙂


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