The Sword Of The Gods Short Version

Hello dear followers

Here is the short version for The Sword Of The Gods which is the first book in my new series and I hope you will enjoy it. I will only upload it here on as post because I am not done the seven other ideas so a few things can changed plus I want the names of the characters in the short version too so not done yet but it is a start.

See you around


The story starts with a girl who is not in mood to sleep and is running around from window to window in the small apartment to watch fireworks and escape her grandfather who wants her in bed. The grandfather is about to give up when he gets the idea that he wants to tell the story. He says to the girl that if she does not go to bed, she will not have any bedtime story which makes the girl quickly brush her teeth and go to bed with her favorite book but the grandfather does not want read that one, but has his own story for her and start telling the story. The story starts at the beginning of time where the gods is trying to end the emperor’s reign of terror but how can they do that without showing themselves. Finally one of the gods gets the idea of creating a sword with the powers of the animals of the corners of the world. The main god is worried what would happen if the wrong person will get the sword but they makes a failsafe that you have to be true. They create the sword and gives it is their powers so the right person can end the terror of the emperor. Back on earth a old man and his son is looking for his blind daughter who have been missing a few days and she normally finds her way home but today she is lost in the mountains nearby where she by accident fells over the sword and from the moment she touch it she knows it is special as it guides her home where her family is worried about her. They are happy to see her and wonders what and how she got the sword and once they touch it they feel the power too. Normally the father would be training his son in fighting styles but because the sword brought her home, he decides to train them both in sword fighting and other fighting styles even he knows it is against the law of the emperor. Back at the emperor place the news of the blind girl and the sword reach the emperor who sends out the mighty general of the east to get him the sword and kill the family. The general appears in the town and at first no one wants to turn in the girl and her family because they are tired of the terror but when the general starts killing people they give up and shows the way and the general demands to get the sword but the girl feels the power in the sword and challenge the general to a fight which the general and soldiers just laugh of but she wins by sending out the Azure Dragon out of the sword which wins the towns people who rally against the emperor. Back at the place the emperor, the emperor knows about the sword and knows it is the gods work so he sends out another general but this time in secret and the girl falls for the trick and thinks he is a commoner and the two of them falls in love with each other or rather she falls in love with him. The girl wipes out another general and soon they are at the emperor’s palace who sends in his remaining general in battle and this time it takes longer but still the general is killed. As it looks the darkest the emperor pulls his last trick and makes the hidden general kidnap the girl brother and try to force her to give up but the brother is good too and manage to get the sword and kill the last general too. The two siblings fights against the evil emperor and ends up by winning but get deadly wounded and dies with the sword before they are buried together with the sword.

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