The Blind Girl Short Version

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Today I have another stort version for you and this time it is for book 2 the blind girl. This short version is a copy paste from an old version on my novel as I have been busy with cleaning and so on all day so no time to finish it but still I had most of the story here anyway so wanted to give you that as a start and then work hard to make the novel even better. I hope you will enjoy it anyway. I cannot wait to give you more later and right now my mind tries to focus on how to connect the last two stories other than just they are stories of the past because they are meant to be stories of a girl of the woman who is getting the stories at the moment who appears there because of magic and that she needs to save the sword and collect it power. That is all for now

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The story is story told to a little girl who are not in mood to sleep as it is Chinese new year’s eve so the grand father tells the story.
The story then jumps to the past, where we meet the actually hero who have just awaken early as it is the day that her father have agree to come home. They have agree to meet on a hill not far from the town which she have been out on the past month as she have been in secret training with the family sword which was giving to her father long time ago when the emperor found him on a battlefield which made the emperor try to prevent future wars after hearing the story about the lost of father. Over the years he had done many things together General of the east and himself had turned into the General of the North. But this day was a bad day as evil had returned to China as the evil brother of the emperor had returned with a mighty army and his three kids as part of the leaders. He had found General of the North in the forrest with his men and at the moment they were preparing for a fight but instead of army against army they had agree that it is leader against leader where the winning leader decides the outcome. They starts fighting and all is going great for the father who quickly seems like he is winning but the three kids have other plans so they order their bow men to fire arrows at the two men so they can have the power which they get. The three kids decide to spilt the army in three armies, one attacking the town of General North, one attacking the town of general East who killed their mother so many years ago and the last part will attack the west so only the emperor and the south is left. Back at the hill hero is still out playing with the sword when a servant appears and says her mother is missing her and the sword which hero is not in mood to because her promise with her father to meet up there and she wants to be the first to see them. An arrow hits near them and soon they are doing everything to escape. The servant ends up dying before they reach the house but she lives and her mother forces her away from the house on a horse with the sword, family symbol and herself. She escapes but is almost captured by soldiers who follow her but as it look the darkest she is saved by an old man who saves her and takes care of her. She tells him the events and finds out that he is the former master of her father and personal friend of the emperor. They are about to travel to the emperor when they are attacked by more evil soldiers which makes hero go crazy even her injuries and kills a few men before fainting again. When she wake up again they are at the gate into Beijing but the old man cannot get into the town which makes her try reach for her family symbol but ends up falling of the horse and ends in front of the prince of emperor’s carrot who ends on top of her before she faints again because of the injuries. She wake up again with the prince sleeping on the bed while the old man is in a chair near the bed while the emperor is nowhere to be seen so she fears the worst but when she tries to sleep. The prince wakes up and tells her that she have beautiful eyes and don’t want to leave her. Before hero can reply, the old man wakes up and see them awake and smiles because he is happy that she survived and that she got them inside. Then the prince and old man leaves the room to let her sleep more to get better but she is having more nightmares about the lose of her parents as she feels it is her fault for not listening. She wakes up by the prince who tries to make her feel better and have brought her some good soup for her heal faster. They talk a bit while she eats it and then the prince goes again and she falls asleep for good this time. When she wakes up the emperor is in the room and talks about how sad of the lost of her father and the western town which had been attacked doing the night and then talks about his plans but he is all alone without his generals with only the old man who brought her there and the southern general left. Suddenly a soldier enters the room and talks about them being attack which makes the old man and prince appear and talk about they should escape the town tonight which the emperor agrees on if he can defend the town for so long or they much escape for before. It turns night and three horses leaves the town carrying the old man, prince and hero who is going to the home town of the old man where he have not been in ages but is still very respected. The next morning they are there where they finds a old and ruin house to stay in where the old man used to live in with his wife but then she was killed by the oldest of the three kids after the execution of their father. Hero still need time to heal but is hunted by nightmares all the time so already the second day they go to the local blacksmith to get an turtle made which she can pray to at the old man’s family shine a bit far away form the house. Slowly as her injuries is healing, she can walk closer and closer to the shine without any help and night she is spending time with the prince while also falling in love with him until the night where the old man caught them together and tells them they not are allowed to be in love as she might get married away to some lord to get help for the emperor while the prince needs to learn how to fight and become the next great emperor in case the old emperor gets killed doing the evils attempt to get the power and searching for them. Back at the palace is the three evil get fond of having the power over much of the country but they still have the problems with the escaped prince and the general of the south who defends he part of the country with great power and they know they can break him if they catch the prince. All this talk makes the female twin go on her hunt for them as she hopes that getting the prince will make the older brother look at her more than their common brother to get more power so she uses her sneaking to leave the palace and search for him while the two others are busy in the south. One day she appears in the town where they are but as she never have seen the prince, she does not know who he is when she runs into him and bonds a bit to him which makes her focus a bit on him instead of the plans she had all along. They falls a bit in love which the old man is more happy for as she is more for him than hero who have started to learn how to act as a princess and since her prince is not allow to be with her anymore she start using the nights for training with her family sword as she don’t want to be defenceless anymore. The female twin finds out that the three of them is the ones is she is looking for she is about to send a secret letter to the older brother but she is capture by her twin who have found out what she wants and have brought along the emperor as he hoped that it would bring them out in the open which also was why she noticed it was them in the first place. That night is hero having bad dreams and wakes up by smelling smoke and wakes up the old man and prince who quickly finds out the smoke is coming form the town and the reason she is having the bad dreams is because the shine is ruined together with the turtle. They are about to pack when the blacksmith appears injuries and tells them the emperor is here in the town and then will get executed together with some girl if they are show themselves today and then dies. The prince is in mixed feelings because he loves hero but knows it is not allowed and is having feelings for the girl who he still don’t know is evil and of cause his father. The old man wants them to retreat to a new place but prince wants to try save the girl and his father so he leaves the old man no choice. They gets close to the place where the execution is taking place and the prince have still much to learn about tactics attack the place single handled leaves the old man no choice to defend him and haves a fight against the brother and dies while the prince saves his father and the girl. Then the prince and twin brother stand against each other just like the hero’s father and twin’s father did and they start fight like mad men while hero takes care of the emperor and girl even she is jealous on her. The two men continues fight while she also takes care of the old man and when it start looking dark as they get surround by the army the southern general appears and attacks the place too which makes the prince and twin focus on themselves which the prince win. As the emery armies notices their leader is death, they gives up and one of them tells they were forces to fight for them which gives the prince a plan that he wants to travel to the palace and kill the last leader himself. The idea makes the female leader smile a bit to himself as then she will have all the power if she can get him to the place. The old man is feeling a bit better and tells the prince and hero that he can see they still have love for each other so he won’t stop them anymore and then dies as the emperor appears on the screen. The prince tells his plan to his father who finds it too risky but ends up agreeing and the twin makes her move to join him. Hero wants to go too but prince does not want to lose her so make her understand he needs to go with twin girl. The two of them leaves the group while slowly they slowly starts burring the death and the emperor is glad to be alive and rescued form the evil and is happy that his northern general’s daughter is alive too so he has someone he trust. Hero rest in a tent for herself but cannot sleep so walk out and watch the sky when a pidgin lands with a message and she finds out the true nature of twin girl. She leaves the camp without telling the emperor. The emperor enters her tent as he has figured out the way his boy and hero looked at each meant and wanted to talk about but only finds the letter and he knows where she has gone. He makes the general of the south ready for a last battle. In the meantime the prince and twin have appeared at the gate to the emperor palace when he is hurt by the twin which makes him confused about her as he still cannot pick between her and the hero but now he knows she is evil. He tries to fight back but finds out he is poisoned and tries to get it out when twin attack with a normal sword which he cannot block but then hero appears just in time with her father’s sword in hand and starts fighting the twin which ends up dying by her sword. Hero have not notices the poison so hero and prince enjoy each other before agreeing it is time to end the evil for good and then enters the room where the last of the three kids are enjoying himself with some concubines. When he notices the hero and prince he knows what is up because he was the one sending his brother out to kill their sister as he knew the sister was out after their power. The price and last brother starts fighting and all is going well at first until the poison start working even better which makes hero get captured by the evil man. Hero can see how her love is hurt by the poison and manages to use her practice to escape the grip of the evil man but she is to focused at the prince that she get strikes down by the evil man which start laughing on how easy it was to beat both of them. Prince manage to get over to hero and hold her in his arms while she slowly dies and they express the love for each other. Evil man believes it is the end of them and goes around to get ready to finish of prince but just as hero closes her eyes and dies in the arms of the prince, the prince takes hero family sword and penetrates himself and the evil man who tries to get away but dies of blood loss just a the princess dies of the poison. Screams is hear from the concubines who runs out the room and into the arms of the emperor and general south who have reclaimed the city and the concubines try to tell the story to the emperor but the emperor runs to his son body when he see him on the floor with the sword in his chest. He is about to blame hero but general south gets the story form the girls and tells their love and last breath together which makes the emperor a bit happy at least and arrange them to get buried in the tombs of the ming dynasty as heroes.
The story jumps back to our little girl now deeply asleep with her grand father smiling to himself and kiss the girl before touching the family turtle and says that time will show your part of history my girl and then the part ends with the clock of Taipei 101 reaching 12am

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