Beyond Love Existence – 3 ideas Part 2

Hello dear followers

Here is the last ideas and I know I said four ideas yesterday but the idea only grew to 6 ideas but still have some unfinished business as my story have a time jump on 18 years and not sure how I will fix that but guess I will find some story to put in. Anyway here is the next 3 stories.

See you around


Rise of an Hero = Book 4
The girl which was a baby in Book 3 wakes up a morning in the past while having no idea about who, when or where she is and what is worse is that she is also blind so she gets out of the house where she meets her grand grandfather who at first acts like she is weird for not knowing who she is but then tells her the stories and how she most keep them a secret as the family she lives at is her family but they don’t know about the future. At first she is more than confused but when he touches her, she knows it is true and knows how the story will evolve, but her grand grandfather tells her that the story he told her mother was only a cover story as the real hero will never hear it from her mom but from him instead. For example the animals which was evil in the story is really her masters who will learn her how to fight for the real evil, the emperor’s brother. But the story about her love with the crown prince is true and she does not have to worry about the future as all is decided already and she will get back in time when she is ready. She start her training and start searching for the sword she is meant to find even it has already appeared in the future. Suddenly a day she meets the emperor who is walking with his brother and the crown prince who she falls in love with at first sight. But her grand grandfather is confused now because why is the brother a good guy too. She starts her training with the four animals as plan and all is good until one day they attacked by evil forces which kills her family even the grand grandfather and makes the animals disapper as they don’t want to give their powers to evil. All alone in the world, she only have the emperor, his brother and the crown prince which she falls even more in love with and their love grows bigger. One day she dreams about the sword and the position but when she gets there the crown prince is already there and wants the sword because he is the evil one and he is from a future where thier mom also gave birth to him where she told the story to both of them. But he killed his sister because the true hero is female and wanted the sword. They fight for the sword and he has the four animals power too as he have captured them with the swords of the gods from his time. The hero wins like she is always going to and escapes by suddenly getting transported to her own present where she was born.

The 5th animal = Book 5
Our hero now gets back to her own time where there is still time to find out who the evils are as she is teleported to her grand grandfather’s funeral days before her mother gets the shop and even she is not born at that time she knows the story because as doing her first night of sleep she meets the ghost of him who tells about how he expect her time to be because he is worried that the evil crown prince have changed the time there too but the story evovles as expected just our hero needs to send the sword to her parents even she wants to hang on to it to keep it away from evil but because all has happen as her grand grandfather has predicted she does not want to change it. She slowly learns that she is the main reason her parents have not been captured by the evil force before her birth and she finds out that her parents believe they are related and evil because of the stories her grand grandfather told them and that the evil have tried to prevent them from giving birth to her but she cannot reveal herself just yet. As she knows the story she spends the extra time training for the fights she might have to do when they gets to her birth. One day a dragon appears and tells she has reach the level where he will train her what he can plus giving her the knowless the four animals did not have time to tell her in the best. Soon the days arrives where she is born and she gets to fight and because of the dragon training she has no need for the sword so she fights and wins against the evil who is a man related to the mother of the three evil kids who wants revenges for his siblings as they were killed by the hero. The fight is hard and thought and end the end hero wins and is reunited with her family as the evil has no leader anymore so now no one knows what to to do.

Broken Pieces = Book 6
Now she lives in peace with her family and the world is more or less back to normal so they have decided to break the sword in pieces so no one can have the power of it, but suddenly evils appears form the future as the her evil brother in the past have survived their battle and wants the sword to get the power of the world once again. The girl gets captured and is stripped by her powers and forces the find the pieces one by one by her evil brother or he will kill her family again in this time. She finds the all and when they connects the power is back and the brother tries to kill her after killing their family of the present but because she have already learn the dragon powers she does not need the sword she fights back like they did in the past but this time she knows that the family will always be good and evil she decided to end the family by killing them both with the sword which makes the sword breaks into a million pieces and the police arrives at the screen not knowing what happened or anything while the girl is together in the heavens with her family and the good side of her brother

P.s I am going Christmas lunch at work Friday so no post that day.


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