Beyond Love Existence – Locations

Hello dear followers

I have decided to do locations first because there are too many people to write in a busy day but enough about that and let us start the locations

Taipei, Taiwan is the place in the present time when the books starts and the girl is living and the shop in book 3 will be in some mall but will describe it better once the book will be written and I will add Taipei tower if I finds out the place have anyone living in it if not then it will be close by.

Hengchum Township, Taipei
I don’t know much about this place yet but have decided that I will move my hero to this place after the endings of book 5 to make the evil having a bit hard time to find them again but the future boy does easily

Beijing, China
The place where the emperor’s palace will be as of course it is the forbidden city but is thinking the name might be different as I want to show that the stories the girl hears in the first books is fake.

Jiuduhezhen, China
The place the past hero is living with her family and why her place is the one being attacked as the place is close the the Great Wall of China and felt it was a great way to so where the attack came from

Cangzhou, China
The place where they hide in the story as they feel safe there as the town is big and no one knows them there

And there you have it all the major places that the story takes place in which might change names but guess I will keep most of them

See you around


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