Welcome to new website

Hello dear followers

As I said I have spent Christmas time cleaning up my website and it is nearly done as my Christmas was quite busy with Christmas Lunch, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and most things twice because of divorced parents but it was still a good time. The only thing I am missing yet on my website is my “old” software and service reviews and then clean up the last things and settings. You can find all my “old” reviews under the menu called reviews where they are sorted by category and names while before every there is a list of my collections + wish list for my personal use but you can read it if you like.

The last cleaning won’t stop me from starting to focus on my novel. The next three days I will give you two ideas for two books each, meaning 6 books in total which will be my book series Beyond Love Existence and then Friday I will give you all the covers so you can find them here as posts and in my menubar under novels where you also find my other ideas. Starting next Monday I will give you parts of my novel every day and if my weekend schedule is not too busy I might give something those days too

At the moment I am not having anything for download but as I go from part to chapter I will make a page with the chapter inside and a pdf version for download before joining it all together in a book once I get that far. I will try to see if I get the chapters published on Deviantart and it is planned that this website will host all my personal stuff with a major focus on my novels. Cannot wait to show you it all.

See you around

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