The Blind Girl – Chapter 1 – The Girl Part 3

Beyond Love Existence - Book 1 – The Blind Girl

Ning Wang looked at him and knew she had crossed the line to see the fireworks so started to cleaned up the mess she had made while Jiahao Wang walked out of the bathroom and into the living room while still looking very seriously. Jiahao Wang thought to himself that this was the first time she would go to bed where they were not friends so he started top think of an idea of how he could get the good mood back and suddenly his eyes turned from the serious look to a happy one as he remembered that her mother had been like that too in that age and it had helped to tell the family story and this time he would tell as two stories as the story was long so she could not hear it all in one night anyway. But now she had to brush her teeth and clean the mess up first before he would announce that he would give her a bedtime story while she could watch the fireworks outside.
The time flew a bit while he waited for his girl to enter the living room but as the toothbrush finally stopped sounding, he hear the door closed and small steps going to her bedroom instead and the living room like he had expected as she always came to say good night no matter what had happen. Slowly he stood up from the chair and quietly walked to the walking closet in the hall and took down an old case down. He opened the case, it had ancient sword in it but it was still sharp, he took it out and swung it a few times before whispered “I am going to tell your story tonight, please help me not turn her into her mother” and then he hurried packing it away and slowly walk towards the door to Ning Wang’s bedroom.

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